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por Alecia Septimus (2021-11-13)

Wild Horse Coach: Disappointed with the four-six-six-six-six-six-six-six-six-six-six-six-six-six-six-six-six-seventh prevention rules
Vic Fangio (VIC Fangio) was very disappointed with the saints of Denver in Denver, and was very disappointed with the Saint of the New Orleans; & mdash; not for the players of the team, but for the team's 3 quadrants.

Due to the first quadrant Rolk, Drew Lock and the Brett Rypien and wholesale nfl jerseys Brett Rypien and Brek Botes were confirmed as new crown patient Jeff - Drreskol (Jeff Close-up contacts of Driskel, 3 people failed to play this game.

Locke fell to his behavior in front of the game, and Fang Ji was once again said that this kind of dilemma was avoided.

"I am disappointed at the two levels. One is our quarter-saving us. The second is that our quarter-saving alliance is in this situation. We count on the leader of this team. So this is disappointing, "Fang Ji said.

Fang Ji revealed that all quarters were visiting the team to watch the competition in the original team's holiday. They are of course a good intention, wholesale nfl jerseys but the care of the behavior causes a bad consequence.

"I guess they relax in this area, I guess they relax in the distance," Fang Ji said.

Fang Ji himself once was fined in September due to the unlicensed mask in the field, he thought he had a responsibility for the 3-point defense.

"I didn't know enough to inform them that they followed themselves," Fang Ji admitted. "This is my fault."

Until Saturday training, the wild horses know that all four-point guard can't play the game against Saint. This unprecedented situation allows attack coaches to quickly surrounded external hands of the four defiguments, KenDall Hinton, designed to be off-attack tactics. Xinton started college career in the four-guard position, but he has changed to take over when he left the university. One month ago, he also held a fundraising work in the company, and he was promoted from the spending group on Saturday to a big list.

Since Xinton cannot get a lot of training times before the game, his performance in the game is unexpected in the outside world. He has successfully achieved 13 yards once a twice, and 2 passes were copied. The wild horse also requested that Philip Lindsay and Royce Freeman were involved in many wild cat tactics. The wild horse has promoted 112 yards in the game, achieving 6 first attack, relying on the opportunity to pass by the copy of the opponent to complete 1 anygball gate score.

"He did everything to do," Fang Ji said when it was Ten. "He is very excited about this opportunity. We are excited for him. His teammates are excited for him. But this time is too high."