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por Merle Peltier (2021-11-11)

Front cowboy first round show Charton hopes to be traded
Beijing September 17, Taco Charlton, still wants to leave Dallas.

Charlton has not been activated in the current two regular seasons this season. He recently issued "cheap jerseys free shipping Me" shouting. But this Twitter has been deleted.

Charlton seeks to be traded by the team in the sniper season, but eventually reactive. Now he turn on social media, Charlton said: "I believe I, the chance to find a play by social media is something I will do without the way."

According to NFL NetWork reporters, there have been several negotiations for Charlton's transactions on Sunday reports. Although there is currently no signs of transaction, it may increase heat in this week.

Charlton is the first round of the cowboy in 2017, but the performance is not as expected. His rookie season played 16 games, did not get the first opportunity, completed 19 times, cheap nfl jerseys 3 times. Last year, cheap jerseys online he played 11 games, starting 7 of them, completed 27 times, and killed.