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por Ivory Kinsela (2022-01-18)

Packaging Machinery Support Alliance for Growth Hormone Test
The Alliance confirmed that the first random growth hormone test was performed this season on Monday on Monday. Green Bay Packaging Wire Wan A.j.J. Hawk This is previously supported and looks forward to being selected in the first test. However, the result may let him be disappointed, and the packaging workers have not been selected. According to the ESPN insider, the weekly alliance will be selected as the 8 teams, and wholesale nfl jerseys 5 people per team will test. Test time will not be set in the game day.

Hao Ku has now joined the Alliance for 9 years, and it is well known that he usually trains seriously. He also publicly supports one of several players who support this test. Howit said on Monday in local time: "I am looking forward to testing, I have said, we should accept this type of test. This kind of test is good for the players. We need to prepare for the player. This test is very fair to everyone. "When the provisions were mentioned, Haoke has supported this. A few weeks ago, the alliance agreed with the new drug management regulations and wholesale jerseys the player's guild, and the growth hormone test was also officially listed as one of the test items.