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por Chasity Dial (2021-12-03)

[Event Review] Two a week in the 11th week: the third pass of the Prescott season 400 yards
Cowboy 35-27 lion

Since this season, three single-game forwards have advanced 400 yards of quartzwak only one: Dak Prescott.

Prescott pushed 444 yards, reached 3 times, he has sent a total of 841 yards in the last two games, reaching 6 times, was copied, and a new team history record. The Cowboy team has advanced 505 yards today, Michael Gallup completed 9 buses, promoted 148 yards, Randall Cobb, completed 4 batches, and pushed 115 yards. Ezekiel Elliott first shouted, finally 16 sho, up to 45 yards, reached once, completed twice, 28 yards, reached once. Subject to Tony Pollard 6 times, advance 56 yards, reached once.

However, the lion has always biting very tightly, the offensive group promoted 312 yards, Jeff Drisskel passed forward 209 yards, reached 2 times. But he was killed by Michael Bennett in 3 gears, and his pass was unsuccessful, lost the victory opportunity.

Cowba Right Diffuse Ryr - La & Rsquo; El Collins is from the left knee injury. The lions are Nick Bawnden, the Knee injury, and the Jamal Agnew ankle injured.

Texas 7-41 crow

The crow used a word to describe: It is not possible.

Lamar Jackson passed the 222 yards, reached 4 times, and pushed 86 yards 9 times.

The fourth quarter, the competition completely lost the suspense, and the crow was replaced with Robert Griffin III. Running the Gus Edwards, using these times, drive the ball to advance 63 yards. Edwater 8 times, push 112 yards, reached once.

The crow has been promoted by the 492 yaw. This is the third movement of the Haiying (30-16), the Patriots (37-20), in the third of the Baltimo. At present, the crow is one of the absolute competitions. The next three weeks is the ram, 49 people and Bill.

The crow has established a 34-0 leading advantage, Carlos Hyde completed the 41-code Ball reachable in 7:10 in the game, and got rid of the zero division for the team. Previous Texas also had the opportunity, but Deshaun Watson was dropped, and the 4th gear was strong, and Ka Mi Felby; IMI Fairbairn 43 yodi The shot does not tell.

Watson has completed 18 times in the audience, promoted 169 yards, was copied once, and was killed six times.

Pony 33-13 America Tiger

The four-point 卫 卫 尼 fracture is finally rehabilled, but his return to the first show is not too good.

Falls pushed 371 yards today, reached 2 times, was copied once. But when he was pressed, he did not have any people. If the Jiji would know this, Gardner minShew may continue.

Jacoby Brissett completes a pass to the ball reachable, 5 yards, plus the excellent performance of small horses ground offensive, this victory is relatively easy. This also helps the horses end losing, re-relocating the Texas people in the competition in the United States and the famous name.

Marlon Mack was 14 times, advanced 109 yards, reached once, but in the third section, due to the hand injured. Instead of his play, Jonathan Williams, Jonathan Williams, pushed 106 yards, this is his personal career for the first one. Nyheim Hines completes a 7-yard ball to reach.

Bill 37-20 dolphins

Dolphin's winning victory and Bill's losing defeat did not continue. Before Bill was questioned, the dolphins were changed, and they won. Today, everything goes back to the past.

Bill enhances the record to 7-3 through this victory, and there is still a big chance to enter the playoffs, while the dolphins are ranked in front of the draft at 2-8.

Josh Allen Elan (Josh Allen) completed 3 passes of the pass to the ball, once a shower reached the ball, did not drop the ball, did not be copied, and did not be killed. Thanks to the help of the dine-free defense, Allen won the best performance in his career.

Dolphin quartz gay Ryan Fitzpatrick is exhausted, he has completed 32 times in 45 passes, advanced 323 yards. But the beard was dying to the ground again, and the total was killed 7 times, and the squid attack could not share the pressure.

Wild horse 23-27 Viking people

One of these games has been 20 points to lead & mdash; & mdash; but they are finally reversed.

The Viking is only a total of 47 yards in the first half, no matter whether it passes or the ball is weak. But the second half is a hundred and eighty-degree turning, the departure of Kirk Cousins, and the rivers and lakes, and STEFON DIGGS is completed 54 codes. Kyle Rudolph promotes 32 yards. Let the Viking have seen the power of 84 million full security.

Cousins ​​completed 29 times in the audience, and the 319 yards were promoted, reached 3 times.

The wild horses are good in the first half of the Brandon Allen, and CourTland Sutton has tried to be a four-defense. He completed 38 in the wild cat tactics. The code passed.

But it is impossible to keep the last leading, and the wild horse is probably thinking about how to maintain a state.

Saint 34-17 pirate

The Saint is 20-0 leader, then Marcus Williams, completed the 55-yard copy of the 55-yard copy of the 55-yard copy, and made the pirate to swallow the piracy in the fourth quarter. Bitter fruit. At present, the saints remain in the partition leading.

Drew Bris Drew Brees completed 28 times, advanced 228 yards, reached 3 times. Extract Michael Thomas completed 8 battles, pushed 114 yards, reached once. Estratory Alvin-Kamara (ALVIN KAMARA) Push 75 yards, the ball is pushed into 47 yards, but also completed 27 回 回.

Cameron Jordan's rushing contribution, he finally completed 1.5 times, 4 quarter-shot hits (12 times of the team). Jameis Winston completed only 30 passes under pressure (51 passes attempts), pushed 313 yards, reached 2 times, was copied 4 times. There is only 8 attacks in the pirates to try the ball, and the lack of change is also a ring of Winston disaster.

Jet 34-17 red skin

Jet has been handed over with all the National Eastern Team this season, and the results are a healthy person, and all three victories come buy cheap from china free shipping this.

Sam Darnold passed to 4 times, creating a new record of career. The jet will lead to the end of the last.

Dwayne Haskins is also a bit gain. He completed his career for the first time, but was also copied once. He was killed 6 times, jet safety Wei Jiamar - Adams ( Jamal Adams) contributes 3 times.

Darnard was copied once in the first half, but the comprehensive performance was worthy of praise. He has completed 19 times, promoted 293 yards, with near-end Edge Ryan Griffin, and taken away Mamison. - Jamison Crowder has no time. Griffin's audience promotes 109 yards (career new high), reaching 2 times.

Falcon 29-3 Black Leopard

Don't doubt, no writing!

The Falcon almost reborn after the wheel, and the team before, it is very different from the unemployed team.

Only 7-week fighting falcon were completed in the first eight weeks. I killed Brisker 6 times, and where can i find cheap jerseys went 5 times in Kyle Allen. They copied the arms 3 times in the middle of the scene, and 4 times in the audience.

Matt Ryan 31 passed 21 times, advanced 311 yards, up to once, pass the number of passes beyond Warren Moon, and enter the historic ten. Kenjon Barner completes 78 弃 回 攻 阵. Extraction of Carvin Ridley, 8 times, advancement of 143 yards, reached once.

Allen's Dalong and the ball translation are no longer good, he now converts 14 times, reaching 10 times. Only Christian McCaffrey is still firm. He completed 14 shots, pushed 70 yards, and completed 11 batches, reached 121 yards.