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por Warner Mortensen (2021-11-29)

49 people defensive end-Ford does not accept knee surgery
After the semi-Ford used the team, 49 people got him through the transaction, and wholesale jerseys signed him for five years, I hope he can lead the prior to the first leader. But Ford's performance last season is looking forward to some distances.

Ford completed 6.5 times, but due to the restriction of leg tears and knees injured, only the team was 22% defense.

John Lynch said in the press conference, Ford will not accept knee surgery in the lift season.

Lin Qi said: "We are still unclear now, soon talk. But I think the performance is very healthy."

With a sufficient lineup, 49 people defensive performance last year is still strong, wholesale jerseys just regret to give the chief in the super bowl. This year, Eric Arms, Armstead, will become a free player. If he leaves the team, Ford's health will be more important.