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por Virgil Benoit (2021-11-16)

Patriot Dynasty Body Bone St. Louis Ram
Beijing August 15th, Han Wei, who played "no truth", Zeng Zhiwei, said: "One will become a harder."

The formation of any Dynasty in the Sports World is also finally established in the "bones" of other teams. In the 21st century NFL world, there is only one dynasty, it is a new England Patriot. Nflchina Chinese official website will tell you this series, how is the Patriot Dynasty to board the other team, this article tells the story of the 2001 pagoda how to kill St. Louis ram to win the story of the new century :

The 2001 season is Bill Beileck, the second quarter of the patriot, compared to the title of the greatest trainer in today's recognized history, the Belipkiki in each time is in order to 5 wins 11 losses, and the offensive and defense It is a middle-aged man who worked in the mid-range patriot in the union.

In the 2001 season, the future of the next season, the future, the future, the left side of the famous Hall of Haven, Prous Armstrong announced the retirement, and the star rushing handwitel - McKinnis entered the career and was injured. The effects of the disease, the other positions of the team have not been significantly reduced. Team leaders and cores, 1993 Dian Shi Dru-Bledso is a 29-year-old, can provide stable data every season, but no one will believe that he can returned with patriots like five years ago. Super bowl.

And in turn, look at St. Louis Ram, after 1999, after the "Cinderella" won the season, their offensive group has kept all the main strengths, including three of the famous Hall of Hattle: The most great counterattack in history 4-point guards - Warner, the most all-around running guards in history, Marshall, Folk, and the first-class Orlando-Ps, which passes the ability to protect the power. In the future, it is possible to select the two outer hands of the Haven Hall, the Bruce and the "Big Competition" Tori Holt's blessings, this ram offensive group is simply indestructible, and the defensive group, future celebrities Corner Willians - Williams in order to come to the champion "Hugarea", Luovo Smith became a new defensive coordinator, and the defensive of the ram also enhanced a lot, two years ago "Cinderella" championship In this season, I became popular.

Said back to the patrigulent, the second week of the season, the game, Dru Brighto was in the fourth quarter by the jet Mo - Lewis hurts to leave, this war patriot will defeat, two consensus + The leader is injured, the patriot's 2001 seasons are going to finish, but this hit, not only changed the military season process, changed the history of the NFL21 century, and also changed the history of the entire North American sports, because you are impossible Let Brader are sitting on the bench, and let a six-round show first, its difficulty and today's NBA Warriors Let Kre-Thompson make the first hair in the team's interests. The six-point guard of this name is not acceptable is the greatest rugby player & mdash; & mdash; Tom Braddy.

After this big change, Belipk seems to find the spoon of winning, let the defensive group rule the competition, the offensive group should do less mistakes and control the game. This allows them to lose only 3 games in the 14 regular sessions, including the mid-season to the ram. In terms of four-point guard, although Bladeso has been healed after injury, after half a season, wholesale nfl jerseys Belipk has further firmly firmly firmly firmly of the idea of ​​Bradi, from tactics, Breddy is more robust, led by Bradric, and has less mistakes. It is more convenient to control and manage San Diego Chargers jerseys from china mental perspective. The patriot and Breddy burst into the playoffs, and the Melan parties Sihals - Woodson slammed off Braddy's pass, the patriot's champion dream, but the famous "Tuck rule" Let the patriots will die, and finally defeat the raid by the overtime game, and then a gap in the United States Union to get the steel man leading the Bill Caper, enter the super bowl.

And the ram, the whole season, they have almost no challenges, more than half of the games are the rhythm of "three knots to get off work", and the two battles lost will be 10 points. The offensive group of the stars kill the killing, data and professional bowls, which allowed them to maintain the first offense of the league. The defensive defenders in 2000, also taken to the union, and it seems that no one can block their defending. After the National Fedimental game, after they were flattering the packages and the eagle, they as the defending champion and the biggest popular, and the opponent patriot in front of them were like two years ago.

"Ugly Duck" encounter "Cinderella", but the ram is completely unimaginable, and the unbelievable attack is completely restrained by Bailecy, and they almost nothing, and the two years ago, the ram is two times. Entering the fourth quarter, but their offensive is too great, the fourth quarter of Warner has a one-year-old remember, and the final 1 minute and 37 seconds Warner's tenacious lectors ran out the score. However, as a whole world, the whole world can't believe that Warner can bring the team to win, this time Braddy tells Bellicik, "Let me come!", Less than 100 seconds, life and death, for Braddy It is already enough. The second-year newcomer career is the first time like a elite four-defense, and Braddy will give it to seek, and finally play the ball Adam - Venatiyerry 48 yards is a snoring! The patriot won the first champion of the team! Braddy is elected MVP! Two years ago, Warner's story is like a fairy tale, and this day, Braddy's story is more motivated.

After that game, the story of the patriot to establish a Dynasty has no longer have to repeat it, but for the rag, the situation with the patriot is the cloud, the superb bowl is also as if it is a history of watershed, split point, Cote - Warner then experienced injuries and be positioned by Mark Booje, Marshall-Folk also slowly ushered in the state of decline, since 2004, the ram did not kill again in the playoffs, 2003 season In the future, there is no more season winning rate of more than 50%, and even last year, the ram has left the "Blue Toning City" St. Louis, returned to Los Angeles.

nfl jerseys Chinese official website columnist: Fang Ling