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por Norine Laurens (2021-11-12)

Pierre - Paul is not sure if your giant career can continue
For wholesale nfl jerseys the New York Giant Defense Core Jason - Pierre-Paul, whether it will continue to have a clear conclusion of the giant's effectiveness in the next season. After the season, he will become a free player, saying that he said: "This is the fact. I can't guarantee what the future, maybe it, maybe it."

This season is the last year of Pierr-Paul's rookie contract, he will take a wage of $ 4.6 million. In the 9th game in the season, this 2010 first round show completed 3.5 times, and manufactured 1 time. Pierre - Paul said: "We need to continue waiting, see how the incident will develop. I have been here for 5 years, I have experienced the life. I love it here, but we still need to face reality at the end of the season."

If Pierll Paul enters the free market, he will inevitably attract a lot of teams. The 25-year-old rushing hand took 16.5 times in the 2011 season. Although his data can then be brave to this extent, he is still an important player who cannot ignore the opponent. In addition, the shortage of injuries in Pierll Paul will affect his future to a certain extent, cheap nfl jerseys he has received back surgery, and the shoulder injury has also impact on his performance.