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por Tayla Shufelt (2021-11-11)

Detroit Lion Interested Delicious Total Corner Dalse - Shere
According to informed people, the Detroit Lion has negotiated with a number of teams to negotiate Darius Slay, but the lions insisted on the prices not will not be willing.

The transaction negotiation also includes providing a new contract for Sigh. 29-year-old Sher is about to enter the last year of the contract.

Sher is the best defensive player in the lion, wholesale jerseys and it has entered a career bowl for 3 consecutive years. But when the transaction last season, there was a lion to trade his rumors. At that time, the lion traded Safety and San Die Die Die Die Die Die Die-Digdre Diggs, Sigh is frustrated and said that he knows that "no one is safe."

At that time, Sher said that he can accept the transaction and accept it in the lion.

Sear has been publicly expressed in social media to say that he wants a new contract, nfl jerseys and recently asked his idea to the contract price, he said in the twenty average annual average of 15 million to $ 16 million dollars too low.

Holding a lion in the show this year's draft exploration, you may choose Ohio State University Corner Warfare Jeff Okudah. But the lions have been looking for a reliable second corner. If they decide to trade Sresearch, they need to fill two vacancy locations.