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Movie Review: Missionary Man

por Nigel Horowitz (2020-06-10)

Missionary Man was directed by, partially produced by, and partially written by Dolph Lundgren. It stars: Dolph Lundgren. The plot almost feels like a variation on Walking Tall, only with a mysterious man using into a city run by drug sellers on his motorcycle and a take no shit attitude. This man on a motorcycle, Dolph Lundgren, likes his tequila straight up and to learn his Bible every day. It would seem that he might have some type of private agenda for revenge, which inserts properly with helping the cities folk out, mainly Indians, with stopping the drug lord from killing them off so he can construct a on line casino. Read my other artcile The 4 Tips to Pick Out a Good Movie. Dolph Lundgren seems like Robert Redford on steroids and looks like he would be on an Aryan Nation jail league basketball group. You may remember him from the eighty's and early ninety's from such movies as: Rocky IV, Master of the Universe, The Punisher, Showdown in Little Tokyo, and Universal Soldier. He may never have gotten to rise as far as different motion stars of the period, mainly taking part in in the same league inside the action style: Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Damme. However, Lundgren shows on this direct to DVD film that he did not waste away right into a fat retarded ninja, nor a washed out ex-druggie. Dolph is as dangerous ass as ever. The film itself has a really grainy look to it and little color. One might imagine it might need been easier on the eyes to just go forward and film it in black and white. The grainy-ness got on my nerves extra times than it accented the situations. The different fault of the film is the story. It goes from simple and needing a twist, to having a twist that has too many holes and makes a large number of issues. Yet, even in moments of low-finances action sequences and poor dialog Dolph Lundgren carries the entertainment on his shoulders. The man seems so demented when he delivers a number of the most straightforward and doubtlessly silly dialog, that one can not assist, however wish to write a review utilizing phrases like shit and unhealthy ass in it. Missionary Man leaves an excessive amount of to interpretation in the story for my liking, too wibbly-wobbly with holes. However, you'll be able to solely get by with phrases like wibbly-wobbly as soon as in a evaluation for a Dolph Lundgren movie as a result of he is unhealthy ass cool and Missionary Man is the shit; more floater than sinker.