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Sat Math - Battle Of The Brains

por Tanja Davenport (2022-08-23)

Board games are also great ideas to making math fun. Monopoly is one of the board games that can help you teach your child math. It usually involves buying, selling and renting properties and helps your child calculate money, do some problem solving and improve their tactical abilities.

This will surely help in tackling complicated Math problems later on in school. Teach your child to ask "Is there another way of solving?" when he or she cannot understand one explanation. This will help them realize that failure to understand does not mean they are stupid.

Appreciate the application of math facts. Understand that what you do not use, you do lose. An example of this is learning when the pawn chess piece can move two spaces and when it can only move one space. Learn the direction the pawn can move in and when it can move in a different direction. Learn what the pawn can do to return chess pieces to your chess board game. Learn why it is called a pawn. Knowing these math facts, rules and concepts can give your strategy game a new dimension. Learn to solve your chess problems easily with the math operations.

If you buy the chart, have your child write the next thirty or so numbers. Color and decorate the chart. Make sure you use cardstock, laminate the pages or place the pages in a file with pockets so it is durable.

As I mentioned above math is going to be needed in ever aspect of life from early on, through school and into the work world. If you do not teach your baby math when they get older and into school they may not be interested in learning. If you missed your window to do this you may find yourself with quite a problem on your hands and I am sure that you do not want to deal with failing grades just because you slacked a little bit when they were babies.

Play this family game: Each person takes a bunch of 1's and the next person has to re-form the number in 10's and 1's. Alternatively, take a bunch of 10's and 1's and change them all into 1's.

There are also board games such as Tic-tac-toe that can teach kids math and logic. They are great math games for kids also because by playing these games, kids run additions, subtractions and even multiplications in their head without even realizing it. They are lots of fun, they can be played by both kids and adults, and they are a nice way for the family to spend some quality time together.