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Intraoperative Molds To Create An Articulating Spacer For The Contaminated Knee Arthroplasty

por Zoe Wilsmore (2022-02-14)

We recognized no bone loss between stages and no complications related to the cement-on-cement articulation. Bone loss related to the spacer was determined radiographically and by intraoperative inspection of the bony surfaces on the second stage. Using a static as opposed to an articulating spacer is controversial. We retrospectively reviewed 60 patients with an contaminated TKA using the same cement-on-cement articulating spacer. We decided the rates of infection control and postoperative function for an articulating all-cement antibiotic spacer common intraoperatively from prefabricated silicone molds. I’ve reviewed plenty of true wireless earbuds, but I’m not conscious of another company that makes use of this kind of technology to mold semi-customized ear suggestions. The UE Matches earbuds are bigger than many latest true wireless fashions. Most earbuds are simply flat circles or ovals on the outside, so these look reasonably distinctive.