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Adventures In Tech Support: IBook Version

por Buford Currey (2022-02-01)

So, I had SuperDuper! If you're unfamiliar, SuperDuper! The moral of the story is this: Things happen. They're choosy like that. If my years as an IT professional have taught me anything, it is that computers do not like falling onto hard parking lots. 2nd iBook's hard drive, which is just like bodily transferring the drive, but without all the mess. So, its owner dropped it off to me and that i checked it out. So, I first connected the forlorn iBook to a 400MHZ G4 I've with a firewire cable. Lastly, I join another iBook to the G4 via Firewire. On Sunday I obtained an urgent e-mail relating to an iBook that wouldn't boot. Utilizing the video adapter, I linked the iBook to a flat panel show I had on my workbench, put the machine to sleep (Command-Option-Eject for two seconds) and woke it back up. In reality, this machine is scheduled to make Powerpoint presnetations all week. Nothing. Remember, there are many information on that machine that should be retrieved, and shortly.

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