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Seth Rogen Shares Photo Of He And Wife Lauren Playing Video Games

por Cassandra Jefferies (2021-12-05)

I'd already form of started, and I used to be like 'Oh man, her boobs are out! Speaking to Conan O'Brien, Rogen hilariously shared: 'She was in our closet altering, and she was literally solely in her underpants, and her boobs were out. The jovial nature of their relationship continues to be obvious, at the same time as Seth shared the events of his 2010 proposal, which appeared something out of one in all his movies. Lauren credits the fact that Seth was not famous on the time of their assembly, as the secret to their fifteen yr relationship. Seth looked at ease as he appeared to highschool his spouse within the video recreation, as Lauren was photographed making a playfully tense face. His producer buddy, Will, was dating a girl who had a pal - Lauren - that he thought Seth may like. The two shared an unofficial first date at a birthday party, the place they ate grilled cheese at 4 am and played Spanish Scrabble until the solar came up, with Seth describing it as 'love at first sight.

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