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'Porno' Overview: A Dick-Rippin' Good Time (Fantasia 2021)

por Alda Beem (2021-12-03)

On paper, a horror-comedy about sexually repressed Christians and a hellish intercourse demon has blasphemy written all over it. The story follows a group of film theater employees - who additionally occur to be Christians - struggling to balance their religion and their natural urges. There’s additionally some first rate sensible SFX work that can arouse viewers who like their dismembered dongs trying like the real deal. The gang contains Chastity (Jillian Mueller), who likes to take heed to The Cure and wear makeup. However it’s a better film for having resisted such a straightforward goal because it stays true to its flawed characters. There’s plenty of nudity, though. The levels of perversion on show here don't have anything on some Vatican cardinals, however in the eyes of these characters, their kinks and temptations don’t correspond with their religious beliefs. In different fingers, this could have been a film that took great delight in corrupting religious values.

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