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What is it that makes Padel so popular?

por Sergio Spicer (2022-02-09)

Padel is the fastest growing racquet sport in the world and it's often referred to as to be the "racquet sport" of the 20th century. The sport has gone through rapid growth over the past 25 years - there are more than 10 million players and over 4000 padel clubs in the world at the time of the previous year! It is predicted to grow.

These are the reasons padel is so well-known:

Padel's simplicity is what has made it so popular. It is simple to learn even for novices. It is simple to master if you have played in other racquet sports like tennis, squash or badminton. Compared to tennis, it's less technical and much quicker and easier to pick up. Players are more enthusiastic and are able to enjoy the sport immediately from the beginning.

Social Aspect
Another reason for the popularity of padel is its social aspect. Because the padel court is smaller than a tennis court The distance between players is also smaller. Because the court size is less it allows for more communication between players. Social conversation is an essential part of the game, which is why it's so well-known. It is also a great way to spend the time you spend with your friends, family as well as business partners or colleagues. Padel is a fun and sociable game to play.

Padel is not as physically demanding than other sports
Padel is physically significantly less demanding than other racquet sports, especially tennis. Padel is an excellent training sport that provides an aerobic exercise. But, the motion isn't as vigorous as other racquet games. The chance of injury is very minimal. This is the reason that many tennis players over the age of 50 often switch to padel if they feel tennis is too much for their body. It is possible to boost the intensity of your training if you want to push yourself further.

Low Cost
Padel is a less expensive game than tennis that you can play regularly. The cost of renting a court are usually identical to tennis court. However, Read My Post Here since the court is always occupied by four people playing on the court as it is played in doubles, the price per player is lower.

Since padel courts have smaller dimensions than tennis courts, in terms of construction, it takes less space to build them. Because of their smaller dimensions they are also less expensive and the required materials are also lower.

While the scoring system and rules of Padel are similar to those used in tennis, the idea is completely different. The distinctiveness of padel means that the players can use the glass walls around the court in order to return the ball, and continue playing the point! It provides the game with a totally new significance. Tenniskit24 offers two kinds of padel court fence solutions available. Panorama fencing provides an amazing view as well as minimalist style. There are no vertical steel posts that can be used for glass panel connections. Standard Fencing is an older and simple design.