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De Young Museum Says JFK Drive Closures Will Hurt Park Access - Curbed SF

por Uta Strope (2022-01-21)

The pathways as they’re built in the park don’t work, and so they should be looked at. We need to serve multiple constituencies. We'd like better regulation for everyone; automobiles, bikes, pedestrians. It’s easy to say we need extra buses, extra visitors control, different lanes, however the city could say they don’t have the funding. I believe that’s valid, but it’s not a holistic dialog. For those who shut JFK on weekends, okay, then the place is the corresponding dialog about rising Muni entry to the park? Closing JFK Drive is not likely solving that difficulty. I’m not sure proper now, I’d have to examine. Sunday closures have been common for 50 years. What’s the museums place on the proposed closures? Miriam Newcomer: The museum’s place is that extending highway closures to 12 months spherical is a stopgap measure to a bigger downside. However, Miriam Newcomer, de Young’s director of public relations, says that weekend closures are unhealthy for the museum and the park.

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