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Dell's XPS Thirteen Plus Is A Beautiful Ultraportable, But It Surely Has No Headphone Jack

por Numbers Odriscoll (2022-01-17)

Dell managed to squeeze four speakers into the XPS thirteen Plus as effectively, a primary for its 13-inch ultraportables. But before we dive into the many problems with that, let's check out what's good: The XPS 13 Plus pushes Dell's design capabilities to new heights. Regardless of my reservations round a few of Dell's design selections, the XPS thirteen Plus still appears and seems like an upgrade from the standard XPS 13. (That laptop isn't going wherever either, however Dell isn't announcing any updates for CES.) The massive borderless keyboard is a contact-typist's dream, and the Infinity Edge display nonetheless appears fantastic. Along with that attractive new keyboard (which also sports bigger key caps), the XPS thirteen Plus can be powered by Intel's 28-watt 12th-gen processors. Throughout our temporary arms-on time with the XPS 13 Plus, I also noticed that its new haptic touchpad may lead to some usability points. I also sometimes had bother differentiating between left and proper clicks, because it was arduous to judge where the center of the touchpad was.

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