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How to Fix Laptop Keyboard Is Not Working Issue

por Sofia Martine (2019-03-04)

There may be the different reasons that cause malfunctioning of a laptop keyboard. Perhaps the problem is due to some software issues such as improper Windows updates, incompatible keyboard driver, enabled filter key features or other.

Use On-screen Keyboard offer by the Windows

If your Laptop’s keyboard suddenly stops working or you usually open the laptop to use, and you can’t log in because the keyboard is not working. If you’re stuck in these types of similar problems, then you can open on-screen keyboard provided by your Windows to exit from them.

Unable to log is because of your faulty keyboard,

1.    On the log in screen, click on the ‘Ease of access’ icon to open it. Ease of access icon is the second icon at the bottom right corner of the login screen.

2.    From the context menu that appears, click on the ‘On-screen Keyboard.’

Instantly, the on-screen keyboard will start and will appear on your desktop. Now, use your mouse cursor and enter your login password to log in to your laptop.

How to launch the on-screen keyboard

You can directly launch on-screen keyboard from your taskbar if the Keyboard icon is located there.

1.    Click on ‘Upward facing arrow’ on the taskbar to view more icons.

2.    And then, Click on ‘Touch Keyboard’ icon on the taskbar to launch it immediately.

If the Keyboard icon is not on the taskbar:

1.    Open your Laptop’s settings.

2.    Go to ‘Ease of Access.’

3.    Go to ‘Keyboard’ from the left side window.

4.    Click on the ‘Toggle Switch’ and turn on On-Screen Keyboard.

Instantly, on-screen keyboard will start and appear on your desktop. Use your mouse cursor to move and use it.

To check whether the Keyboard problem is hardware or software

It is simple, but you should need an external USB keyboard to identify the problem. Take a working external USB keyboard and plugin into your device. Now, check external keyboard is working or not. If it will work, then it’s most likely some software related problem.

Ways to fix a not working Laptop Keyboard

Before all simply restart your PC, just to see if restarting will fix the issue.

•    Check and Turn Off the Filter Keys feature.

•    Update drivers for the keyboard.

•    Rollback to the last Update.

Check and Turn Off the Filter Keys feature

Filter Keys is the feature of Windows that stops the keyboard from typing repeated or brief words. Maybe the feature is enabled on your device. So before updating and rollbacks, it is good to check and turn off the feature.

1.    Open your Laptop’s settings.

2.    Go to ‘Ease of Access.’

3.    Go to ‘Keyboard’ from the left side window.

4.    Now into the ‘Filter Keys’ section, check the toggle switch/Checkbox. If the switch is blue/Box is checked, it means the feature is turned on.

5.    Click on the ‘Filter Key’s switch/Uncheck the box’ to turn off the feature.

Update drivers for the keyboard

1.    Search for ‘Device manager’ with your On-screen keyboard.

2.    Click ‘Device manager’ from the result to open it.


Right-click on the ‘Start Icon’ button > select ‘Device manager.’

3.    Navigate to ‘Keyboards’ and expand it.

4.    Select the drivers from the driver’s list and click on it.

5.    Select ‘Uninstall’ from the options.

6.    Do same to uninstall more drivers.

7.    Now, click on ‘Action’ tab from the top.

8.    And select ‘Scan for hardware changes’ from it.

9.    Wait for the scanning to complete and restart your laptop.

10.    Use your laptop keyboard to check is it working. Still not?

11.    From the device manager, go to keyboard and click on ‘Update Driver software’ from there. After updating again use your keyboard to check it is working or not. If still keyboard is not working, then try to return to a stable and working Windows version.