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Joaquin Phoenix Showcase Insane

por Lavada McKeon (2021-04-23)

Okay, now this has to be the most bizarre documentary I have ever obtained in my life! "I'm Still Here" follows after Joaquin Phoenix from when he decides to retire from acting to become a hip hop artist. We have seen this drama with Joaquin unfold when he made his bizarre appearance on Late Night with David Letterman, and we became immediately fascinated at the immense damage he did to himself and his justly acclaimed acting role.

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Throughout the documentary (if you genuinely want to call it that), Joaquin seems intent on leading a lifetime of debauchery. Acting like he's Pete Doherty, we watch him snorting cocaine, calling prostitutes there are wild sex, and taking his problems out on his closest friends and assistants as everything is fault without his. It is hard to think of a more narcissistic human being on the planet after watching Joaquin in "I'm Still Here." One of his friends does get revenge by "dropping our children off" on his face as he sleeps. Revenge may comprise dish best served cold, but certain matters are much warmer and ickier than that.

Then there's Ben Stiller who drops by Joaquin's pad in Los Angeles to offer him a part in Noah Baumbach's "Greenberg." Regardless on the fact that Joaquin has recently said he or she has retired from acting, Ben is convinced this is the perfect part for him to engage in. Joaquin ends up yelling at Ben as if he didn't have business offering him this role within the slightest, as well as watch Ben sitting there all bewildered as do many other people who are desirous to make a sense of what is occurring to M.P. Of course, Ben got his at the Academy Awards when he parodied Phoenix's bizarre appearance on Night with Dave Letterman. The sting of your Oscar moment now feels even sharper than before now that we now witnessed their freaky encounter with the other person.

When looking at Joaquin and also the possibility of his beats goals, always be noted that his act can be real, ocean king tompkins music act that's. After all, Joaquin is a lot more actors how the industry had/has to offer, and not such a bad music video director to start. The sky is the limit for Joaquin Phoenix.