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How Math Tutor Software Enhances Learning

por Rebecca Thames (2022-06-09)

A majority of students do not know how to grid-in recurring or repeating decimals on the student-response sheet. Here is an example to prove my point. Suppose your answer turns out to be 0.333333 recurring. And you have to grid-in your answer 0.333. But you have to use all for places on the grid. The decimal point must be registered in the grid- it takes up one place on the grid. Filling in .3 or .33 will not qualify for a right answer. The College Board expects you to enter .333 or .334 wherein you have rounded up the number on the decimal.

Want to win. It sounds too crazy to even mention, but many of us are so beat down that we have no desire to win. If you find someone like that, get behind them and share basic math concepts, basic life principles. Be the example that another player needs to change his mindset and start winning. Do it, even if he beats you. Teach someone else and you will feel better than you have ever felt in your life. It works well to have either a mentor or a work at this as a team. All you really need is to have someone say they believe you can do this. Well, we believe you can learn chess well enough to enjoy it by doing your best. If you do your best, you always do win, no matter how the chess board game ends up.

Cut out 30 or more small pieces of paper of the same size. Write the number "1" on twenty of the papers and the number "10" on the rest. Or you can print and cut out these number tiles that I've designed for you by following the link at the end of this article.

If your child's negative attitudes are not coming from within your family, then you might have a bigger problem since those attitudes are coming from elsewhere. You may have to do some detective work and have some serious conversations with others. If you find the source, repeat the above process.

3rd tip: Make a game of learning facts. There are a lot of math games that will help your child enjoy learning, website ( helping with the fundamental facts that they will need to know. Using games reduces the stress of the learning process and makes learning fun and not so boring nor intimidating.

Want to play chess. Many of us do not care about mental math games, or care if we play a strategy game. The potential for winning and developing character through playing a strategy game is tremendous. If you are a potential chess player develop a mindset winning, do not get caught up in fearing to fail. Get over it, realize that you will fail at times, but use chess problems as a stepping stone to make changes in your thinking so you will have a desire to do your best, develop the best game strategy that you can, and start winning. Many players really believe they cannot win. That is not applying good math concepts or even life principles because it is not based on truth. There will be players that are better than you, but not everyone and not every time. Think about that.

Knowing business math can help you to analyze better and can provide you with solutions to math problems such as statistics, economics, calculus and trigonometry. These math subjects are part of custom math classes that students take. Unless you are very savvy in math, some of these courses can be difficult and a little tricky.

Practice till your child understands. The number line allows your child to see the relationship of the numbers. Encourage your child to refer to the number chart for drawing a number line with larger numbers.

If you want to go really deep and have solid administrator support, look into the school reform movement of Expeditionary Learning Schools who have an excellent approach to thematic teaching.