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IGR Plus

por Jerome Princy (2019-11-14)

Yeast infections need to IGR Plus Review be treated as early as possible for best results. But which do you go for, over the counter drug-based medications or more natural treatment? Here you'll discover why more and more sufferers are using natural yeast infection treatments such as yogurt to eliminate their infection. Rather than use over the counter drug-based treatments, more and more people are using natural home remedies to treat their infections. This is partly because drug-based medications address the symptoms but not the root causes of their infection. Plus, with recurring infections, the Candida fungi that causes the symptoms can become drug-resistant. And, of course, they can get rather expensive over time. One very simple, yet pretty effective natural yeast infection treatment is yogurt. But it has to be plain, natural, unsweetened yogurt with no fruit, coloring or other additives. You should see something like 'contains live active cultures' on the tub. These are Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria that are the same type of friendly bacteria you have in your gut, and which attack and prevent the Candida albicans fungi overgrowing into a yeast infection. So make sure you eat natural yogurt every day. This will help re-build the good bacteria levels in your gut and help to fight the Candida there. But you can also use yogurt topically to help fight the local Candida. All you need to do is to coat the affected area with it. For internal use, just liberally coat a tampon with the yogurt and insert overnight. Repeat daily until your symptoms abate. Then repeat for another day or two just to make sure. Many sufferers have found this particular yeast infection treatment to be effective. But it might now work for some folks because, as with many natural remedies, what works for one person might not work properly for another, and vise versa. You just have to give it a try. And there are tons of natural yeast infection treatments out there, so that if this one doesn't work for you then there are bound to be more that do. You just have to find them. You can relax though. You don't have to do any more boring searching all over the Internet, because all the information you need to eliminate your infection and prevent recurring infections damaging your health, is contained in one simple, step-by-step report that you can download straight to your PC today.