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por Jerome Princy (2019-11-05)

The white colored contact iGenics Review lenses do not add or change the person's natural eye color. People usually these transparent, or white colored lenses, if they need vision correction, not seeing the need for them to wear lenses that change their natural eye color. People wear white colored contacts just to enhance their natural eye colors. While a major chunk of the population chooses to sport colored contact lenses, there is still a minority of the populous that are satisfied with the color of their eyes. For such people who wish to flaunt their natural eye color, the traditional transparent lenses, or white lenses, are available in the market. An alternative to wearing the transparent colored lens is to wear the palest shade of aqua colored contacts, in which the color tint is barely noticeable. White, or transparent, colored contacts are really not very popular in the market, and as such are not really manufactured by all the companies that make eye lenses. However, there are those few companies that take into account the needs of the minority who do not wish to go with the crowd, and prefer to wear contacts that are transparent. As a variation to the monotony of the transparent contact lenses, a few companies add the slightest tinge of aqua to the transparent lenses that is virtually unnoticeable. Semi transparent aqua colored contacts are also quite popular with those few who wish to flaunt their own eye colors. The tints barely visible, these contact lenses are worn only to enhance the natural color of the person's eye, and the only giveaway that the person is wearing a lens is the thin film of the contacts that is visible around the pupil. Only a handful of people choose to wear the transparent lenses for enhancing the effects of their eye, without having to alter the natural color of their eyes. There are 2 types of contact lenses available in the market - corrective lenses and decorative ones. The white colored lenses do not add or change the person's natural eye color; namely, they are usually only worn by people who require corrective lenses. Additionally, people who choose these transparent lenses, or the extremely mild aqua colored contacts, are usually pretty conservative. They rarely like or want to make changes to their natural eye color, and are comfortable as they are. Since people who wear these transparent lenses are usually just looking for vision correction, manufacturers focus on the comfort factor when making these lenses.