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Meditation In A Bottle

por Jerome Princy (2019-11-04)

With the combination of Meditation In A Bottle Review medications I am on, I am not that sad, just incredibly apathetic, more than I have ever been in my entire life. What I don't know is whether or not the apathy is a byproduct of a nervous breakdown (the result of having been given the drug Geodon, then ignored by doctors as I descended), or if it is due to the mixture of my current medications. Hence, there is the possibility that I will not bother with mood stabilizers and anti-depressants in the future. Why should I? Granted, I am not miserable in a sense. I am not suicidal, homicidal, or crying. I haven't cried in months, and for the most part I haven't felt the urge to. I just have to negotiate my every next move with the physical and the mental - and sometimes those two do not get along. In my head, I want to get back into public speaking, join some type of social group, and take a class. I had the luxury of making those plans, knowing that I wouldn't back them up even as I made them. So, when - if ever? I went to see Dr. No-No yesterday, but she was ill and I had to see Dr. IdKillAllClientsIfICould. Ugh! She was rude, interrupted me at every possible juncture, and just generally had a palpable animosity for me. I explained I wanted to stop taking my medicines. She leaned back and said, "Sure. No problem. I'll respect that." I could barely hold in my frustration. "What? No! I don't have a doctorate - you do! Fight with me! Tell me why taking all this stuff is a good idea." We eventually came to see that I have other health issues, undiagnosed at the moment, which could explain my apathy. She explained that if I could get more knowledge about my health, then I could make a better decision. She had nothing to say about my hair, my 90-year-old shaking hands, or my sleeplessness. Shockingly enough, she did say, "Good bye." Alzheimer's disease may be a genetic condition but it can be helped by carefully planned treatment including vitamins, minerals and supplements taken on a daily basis. Much of the cause of brain deterioration and memory loss is due to toxic build up of chemicals which can be either airborne or ingested in the foods we eat. Our brain is a sensitive and extremely complex organ that can be adversely affected by these toxins. Lack of efficient circulation of the blood supply is the leading cause of memory loss and mental dysfunction. Antioxidants greatly improve the circulation of blood to the brain as well as all other body organs. Vitamins C and E and fish oils like DMAE and the Omega 3 and Omega 6 fish oils each play a vital role in improving blood circulation by fighting the free radicals that tend to starve our blood of vital oxygen. Among the valuable vitamins, minerals and supplements we take each day, these antioxidants are proving to be the most useful in keeping healthy blood in circulation and feeding our brain with much needed nutrients.