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por Jerome Princy (2019-10-31)

Most people do not think iGenics Review of fishing as a high risk sport, and for the most part it is not, but glare from the water can be very straining on your eyes and can also be quite distracting. Thus, it is recommended that those with poor eyesight invest in polarized fishing goggles to help protect their already damaged retinas. Long hours of work can cause eyestrain especially if a person's work involves computer and other machines that produce radiation. Most students who are also exposed to computers due to research work also experience the pain of eyestrain. Eyestrain is a fatigue of ciliary muscle or of the extrinsic muscles of the eyeballs as a result of refractive errors or imbalance of ocular muscles. It is characterized by pain in the eye, headache, nausea, dizziness or other reflex symptoms. The Mayo Clinic staff presented some important things to be done in order to prevent eyestrain. First, take eye breaks for five minutes every hour. Do this by forcing them to focus on something other than the screen of the computer. It is also good to close the eyes once in a while. Second, blink often in order to refresh the eyes. Many people tend to blink less when they are in front of a computer. Prolonged computer use can result to dry eyes. Blinking produces tears that can help moisten the eyes. Third, use artificial teardrops. These can help avoid and relieve dry eyes. However, don't use eye drops with a redness remover because it can worsen dry eyes. Fourth, practice relaxation and lastly, get an appropriate eye wear. It's better to have glasses or contact lenses created for computer work. While reading at home, make sure to use a brighter light source and should be positioned directly to the book's page. When watching television, make the room softly lit. One will surely have an eyestrain if there will be a contrast between the television screen and the room's light source. It is hard to refuse the fact that computer usage is very common nowadays. Not only it is important when you are working in the office, computer is the entertainment center for many households. After spending so many hours a day staring at the computer screen, your eyes will begin to send a protesting signal in terms of the symptoms so called "Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)". Apart from CVS, there are also other symptoms that have been generally found in people who belong to the modern generation and use computers on a regular basis. Most symptoms that can be found in case of Computer Vision Syndrome include headache, eye ache, blurred vision, double vision, eye dryness, tearing, and neck or shoulder pain. Even though these symptoms are temporary and could be completely gone after a short rest, they are the obstruction of your career and most importantly your well-being. Computer screen is not the only culprit. The causes of Computer Vision Syndrome can be hand-held video games or smart phones that enable installation of applications and games, or even chatting online. During your relaxing time, you may fix your eyes to the tiny screen without realizing how it is bad for you.