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por Jerome Princy (2019-10-25)

At this point in the film I cry Individualogist Review a little manly tear. Or even a big not-so-manly bawl! Because I, too, lose sight of how hard I've tried, of all the good I've shared on a daily basis, of how blessed my loved ones are to have me. As crappy as I feel about the world and my place in it from time to time, I have a wonderful life. I know I'll struggle, but does the struggle have to blind me to my family who will all gather this Christmas, or to those who surround me every day with love? I know we'll always have debt, but should I let it ruin a joyous opportunity to share a holiday with my wife and kids and friends? Never. I shouldn't let it ruin even one day out of the year. George Bailey's real lesson was that his loved ones didn't care about his ability to make money, or that he never had the opportunity to become a rock star. They loved HIM, and needed him. I pull the video out of the VCR. Suddenly, all the stress leaves my body. I've done all I could this year; it's not the gift but the thought. No man struggles as hard as does a Family man (or Woman). Don't beat yourself up! Did you leave one stone unturned to make them a bit happier? Of course not. You and your wife are good people. Don't let the obsession with the struggle blind you to all you've accomplished. You may have less gifts under the tree this year, but it's not for lack of effort. And in that effort you've shown everyone your love. Most people have a concept that there are indeed three parts of man, the body, mind and spirit. But what really are they and how do they interrelate? The easiest to understand is probably the body. Our bodies have ears, eyes, limbs and so forth. They give us sensation, so they are very real to us. We are not technically these bodies however, but rather, we are the life force that runs the body. We use these bodies to perform what we are trying to do in the physical universe. The body itself is a composite of life within the cells and the material universe. Upon body death the life within the cells extinguishes and leaves the matter part of the cell remaining. At that point the cell is dead. The life within these cells departs variably, not all at once. Hair and finger nails will continue to grow weeks long after other parts of a body have begun to decay after what we call death. So if we look at the body as some kind of vehicle we run, which itself is made up of aggregates of life and matter, that would be a fair description. Many religions, particularly eastern religion, have this concept. Next is the mind. It is a compositor of pictures that a person uses to look into the past and work out solutions to problems, so as to pose solutions for the future. The pictures in the mind are something like a movie roll of one frame after the other. We are dependent on it as a data storage unit.