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por Alisa Princy (2019-10-25)

The words spoken to you trigger thoughts Individualogist Review about those words and your attention is activated or stimulated. That's how subtle it is to just receive stimuli. That's why most people go on autopilot and receive most of this input unconsciously. It is just too much to hold consciously. We are bombarded daily with tons of information that we process and evaluate to see if we want to pursue it beyond its mere informational aspect. Other thoughts enter our heads that grab our interest and we choose to pursue them with the intention of manifesting them into our reality. Did the ego choose them or did the sacred self choose them? Which is more dominant in your life? Do you make your choices by unconsciously accepting the words of others, or what the television tells you, or do you go within yourself to make the conscious private decisions that determine who you are? Books are inspirational tools that can change people who are probably at a very low peak in their lives. Books elevate them to a higher level. Books are known as the powerhouse of inspiration. They are a sea of wealth, not in terms of money, but the ability to lift a man poor in spirit to a level of success and new heights. We have heard of so many various books in the market. In their own way, they contribute in some way to our growth, mentally and physically. The right kind of books can turn your life 360 degrees around, but the wrong type of books, you must be aware, can do more damage than good. Use your good sense. Personally, when I am kind of stressed out and all notched up, I take a book and I get myself so involved in the plot. That works as a tonic for me. I am sure it could do the same for you. For some people, who have had major setbacks in their professional life or office, they could turn to great books written by excellent authors like Shiv Khera. His books, tell you step by step, how to change your behavior and how to change things in your professional life, which is really advantageous. What if he and the likes of him, did not write? We would all be having problems, and finding no concrete solutions! Thanks to these management gurus, we have some light thrown in, during the course of our professional life.