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7 Day Prayer Miracle

por Jerome Princy (2019-10-24)

Reading through the literature 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review he handed me, I realised he was part of an African American sect in New York whose vision is to see a black candidate elected as the next Mayor of the city (Judging by my experience that day I'm not sure if Michael Bloomberg - the incumbent Mayor - should really watch his back). However, what really struck me the most about that afternoon's experience was what I read on the leaflet; its very bold caption: '' BROTHERS AND SISTERS, LET'S SEIZE OUR OPPORTUNITY NOW OR ELSE!!'' With respect to opportunities, I sometimes find the role our notions and beliefs system play in our approach to coping with missed opportunities and setbacks significantly pessimistic. Growing up from my childhood, adolescence, and right through to my teen years, I cannot overemphasise how often I've been subjected to hearing a particular maxim; one which I'm sure you've heard as well: 'An opportunity once lost can never be regained.' No doubt this statement, as an adage or proverb - like many others - serves a unique purpose as a didactic and educational tool for stirring our consciousness in the wake of occasional or constant inertia and complacency, it however remains to be seen if having an 'opportunity-missed-is-gone-forever' rhetoric in our heads and minds day in day out is ideal as a self-motivational tool for getting things right the next time with a body language which has an air of resignation all over it. To the contrary, any opportunity that slips through the tips of our fingers today - rather than see it as a lost cause - only puts us in good stead and a better state of mental preparedness to pounce on the very next opportunity standing by. And without resorting to a gross exaggeration of the facts, history is awash with biographies of men and women who lost millions - in monetary terms - they had either inherited or earned through their sweat (or sometimes even won, no thanks to the national lottery!) only to - through resilience, sheer guts and determination - bounce themselves back into the same financial position they once were, albeit this time, the hard way. The beauty of regaining a previously missed opportunity is not only the sense of fulfilment and appreciation derived from getting a second shot but the fact that the joy of victory and success the second time round is unparalleled. In order to attain this goal, our minds need to perceive missed opportunities only as temporary setbacks and not failures; not something, which when 'lost', can never be 'regained'.