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por Alisa Princy (2019-10-23)

However, we were having so much fun Leptitox Review during those months that I thought, "Well... don't I deserve some carefree fun? How often does one gets to feel like this?" I assumed that by eating and exercising moderately as I always had, I could compensate for the few times he would come over during the week. The problem was that he would get to my house late after the drive from Jersey, and by the time he arrived, I had already fed my kids and put them to bed. He would show up with food because he was very thoughtful and didn't want me to have to cook another meal late at night for the two of us. So, he would often show up with Chinese food, and some wine, and it was lovely and comfortable. On the weekends when my children would go to their father's house, we loved dinning out! It was fun! We were happy. I was happy. Until, the day I got on the scale and was eight pounds up! How was that possible? I, who watch what I eat all the time, who counsels others on what to eat and how to eat, was up eight pounds. I knew I had gone up a little bit, but eight pounds worth? Well, I put an end to the Chinese food at 10 p.m., as well as many-not all-of the "fun" things. I had to reel myself in because when I asked him if I looked as if I were up in weight he would say that I looked perfect, beautiful. Lovely as that is to hear, he was clearly delusional. Both of us had lost perspective. So, I reeled myself back in, brought myself back to my happy weight, and began to practice moderation once again.