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Fave Food Diet Review

por Cynthia Richards (2019-10-19)

Knowing when to eat is something we all Fave Food Diet know, since it's something our parents told us, eat when you're hungry and stop when you're full. Unfortunately, this is one of the more difficult things to control. Due to busy schedules and existing bad eating habits many of us tend to eat by the clock, breakfast at 7, lunch at noon, dinner at 6pm, whether we're hungry or not. Even worse, is that we tend to snack constantly (or regularly) between meals, so instead of three balanced meals, we are more likely to eat 5 or 6 unbalanced ones. How much to eat is just as big a problem as knowing when to eat. Today everything is super-sized, value-sized and pretty much over-sized. Two daily servings of meat are not that much since a serving is only 2 oz. A typical restaurant steak is at least 8oz, which is twice your daily requirement. The same goes for virtually all the foods we eat. A serving of salad dressing (from the fat and oil group) is only 1 tbsp, not the more than 1/4 cup we unknowingly pour on at the salad bar. Understanding portion control is essential to maintaining a healthy diet.



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