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The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy

por Jerome Princy (2019-10-17)

Depression is diagnosed by The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy Review a health professional; ironically, a medical doctor is more likely to be the one to diagnose depression than a mental health professional. The first step is a complete physical and psychological evaluation to rule out organic causes for the symptoms. Some medications for instance can cause some of the familiar symptoms of depression. Lab tests will be done to test for electrolyte imbalances and other physical status. After these results are found to be within normal limits, the doctor will ask several questions including when the symptoms began and what may have caused the in the beginning. Depression is typically treated with medications of different types. Some of the most common types are SSRIs, MAOIs, TCAS and others. Each class of medication blocks or enhances a different chemical inside of the brain so that the depressive symptoms can be addressed and dealt with. For instance, SSRIs work to increase the amount of the chemical serotonin in the brain. There are a number of other drugs that are called atypical antidepressants which are not able to be classified as any of those previously listed but are effective for depression anyway. In addition to medications, most people who have been diagnosed with depression are strongly encouraged to use some form of therapy. There are countless forms of therapy and different levels of counselors that can provide this therapy. Some medications may elevate the blood pressure and should be used with caution in those who already have or are at high risk for hypertension. In addition, medications should only be taken as directed and should never be stopped suddenly. Some medications must be stepped down gradually before they are stopped. In addition, some meds can cause other side effects such as sexual dysfunction in both men and women. It is also important that the person who is diagnosed with depression or other depressive disorder find a strong support system for their long term mental and physical health. Families can be very beneficial in these times. There are a number of other recommendations that the doctor might suggest including exercise and better diet which can not only help protect the physical health but can also help the medication to work better. Mild depressive symptoms can be treated this way without the need for medications at all. Strokes affect about two million people or more every year in the United States and is the third leading cause of death. It affects women about twice as often as men and is a major cause of permanent disability in this country as well. It is important to note that particularly with a first stroke, race is a major underlying and unchangeable risk factor, with African Americans having a risk that is at least two times higher than that of Caucasians.