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Manifestation Magic

por Cynthia Richards (2019-10-17)

I know that this might seem really Manifestation Magic Review strange to many of you reading this but I have come to a place of relationship with God, His Son and the Holy Spirit of God that is more real in my life than anything else. Hearing God is blessing me with a life filled with love, joy and peace (not normal man stuff) while now working on my patience, which is a biggie for me. God gave me something for you; 75 days of short messages with Him speaking to you through me. He wants to tell you things that will let you know Him in a personal way too. Things like who He really is and how much He really loves you and how He wants to bless you. Maybe like I did you have a hard time believing He loves you or even exists. I can only tell you from my own experience He does and He can take a KFC pot pie and make it tastier than a $150 meal at the finest restaurant, if you will allow him. It will become a step toward true successful living.