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Veteran RollerJohn, 89, skating 90 laps of garden before 90th birthday

por Desmond Rylah (2021-07-09)

An RAF veteran is following in the footsteps of the late Sir Captain Tom Moore by completing laps of his courtyard to raise money for hungry children and families - on roller skates.

John Wilcock, 89, of Warwickshire, dubbed Roller John, will skate a lap of the car park outside his home twice a week until he makes his 90th birthday next year. 

As well as Sir Captain Tom, he was inspired by Manchester United star Marcus Rashford, who has highlighted concerns around free school meals - something John was grateful to receive as a child because his family was 'a bit strapped'. 

He began his challenge on March 9 - his 64th wedding anniversary - with the aim of raising £500 - but has already attracted nearly £25,000 in donations.