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Don't be Fooled By Largest Mattress Retailers

por Freddie Mazza (2022-08-27)

Best Places to Buy a Mattress in Chicago

There are a variety of places in Chicago where you can purchase mattresses. Some of the most sought-after stores are Mattress Firm and Walmart. Casper, a Chicago-based bed-in-a box brand is also available. And if you're located in Chicago you could also visit Havertys for an affordable bed. In this article, we'll give you a rundown of the best places to purchase an urban mattress.

Walmart is the best place to purchase a mattress in Chicago

There are many options to buy a Chicago mattress. You can go to a brick-and-mortar store or go online. Mattress sales on the internet could be more prevalent in the near future. However, brick and mortar stores remain the best choice for many consumers. You can also ask a salesperson for advice, which will help you determine which mattress is best for your requirements.

You've probably noticed the great range and affordable prices at Walmart when you're looking for mattresses in Chicago. You can choose from a range of mattresses like hybrid, innerspring, as well as foam models. However you won't find mattresses made of all-latex at Walmart. The good news is that the store offers a free sleep trial. You can test the mattress at your own home and see whether it suits your needs. You could ask a salesperson for your old mattress to be picked up.

Walmart offers two choices for shipping mattresses such as mattress-in-a-box or freight. There are two options available for shipping: freight or air. Mattress-in-a-box is the most efficient method of shipping. Freight shipping is best if the mattress you are looking at is too big to be compressed. Here is more in regards to best mattress store near me have a look at the web-page. This process may take several weeks, but it's the fastest way to get your new mattress. The majority of Walmart stores offer pickup in-store, so if you want to save time and money you can opt to collect your mattress in person.

If you're not happy with your mattress, you can return it to Walmart without hassle. Walmart's return policy is same as other stores. If the mattress doesn't meet your requirements, you can exchange the mattress for another one, or even get store credit. The only difference is in the price, and Walmart's return policy will determine which option is best for you. Mattresses are an investment in your life, so be sure you pick wisely.

Mattress Firm is a popular store

The Mattress Firm is one of the most well-known stores to purchase a mattress in Chicago. It has multiple locations across the city and offers best prices for mattresses and beds. Customers will be pleased with the guarantee offered by the company and 120-night price guarantee. However, there are some things you should be aware of when buying a mattress or bed from this store. Mattress Firm is known for its exceptional customer service and its special financing.

The company has expanded through acquisitions in recent years. To increase its reach, the company purchased numerous mattress companies in addition to Sleepy's. The company was able capture over 25 percent of mattress sales in the US after Sleepy bought it. However, Mattress Firm has experienced a series of setbacks since then and has filed an action against two real estate executives who tried to force it into signing long leases.

The Mattress Firm is a popular site to purchase mattresses. Chicago mattress, but there are some questions about its legitimacy. Although the company is a hit, some people feel that it's a prime to target for scammers. However, there are warning signs that should be taken into consideration to be aware of to avoid the reputation of the store. The first thing to look for is whether the mattress business has a track record of dealing with fake currency.

The company has many stores in Chicago that specialize in mattresses. One of them is Mattress Firm, and if you're looking for a mattress, there are also several other Mattress Firm stores nearby. They also offer an "E-Zzz pickup" option that allows customers to order mattresses online and take it home in a local store.

Casper is a bed-in-a-box brand in Chicago

The Chicago-based startup is a competitor to the rapidly growing bed-in a-box market. Its recent launch drew funding from Pritzker Group Venture Capital, who led the $70 million Series B round. The brand now sells mattresses in other categories , such as home decor and sleep tracking devices. It also operates a website dedicated to sleep journalism. The business's plan is to be an all-in-one-shop for all the things that millennials require to ensure they get the restful nights they deserve.

Casper is open to customer feedback and is determined to improve its product. It recently uncovered an issue with memory foam caused by hydrogen-bonding, which causes the memory foam to harden in cold weather. To solve this problem the company has developed a new foam that is soft and comfortable in any weather. It currently employs 35 engineers and industrial designers as well as ethnographers and a contracted polymer chemicalist. It is currently in its 14th iteration.

The company's name was built on foam mattresses. While foam is supportive and comfortable for couples, it may be too firm for certain consumers. Casper has developed a hybrid mattress that blends the comfort of traditional springs with the contouring properties of foam. The most advanced Casper mattresses are made with pocketed coils, but the Casper mattress is priced at a reasonable price and comes in a all-foam design.

The company is also looking at other ways to market mattresses other than through its online store. Having an online store was a natural move for Casper, but it also wanted to test the market with physical retail. It partnered with retailers like Target and Nordstrom to facilitate this. Although these stores are temporary, these retailers will eventually become permanent sites for the brand. Customers can try the mattresses at these pop-up shops prior to purchasing them.


Havertys is a leading retailer of premium mattresses. They offer a comfort guarantee that lasts for up to 90 nights. Havertys also offers a 60-month , no-interest financing deal. Additional benefits include a Guardsman protection plan and mattress protectors. The website of the company allows customers to filter products by size or price, as well as benefits and price.

The layout of Havertys showrooms differ from one store to the next. It's best to call ahead to confirm the availability of the model you are interested in. Ask the salesperson for advice on the best mattress for your body type and preferred sleeping position. There are 6 sizes available by the majority of manufacturers, and you can choose any size that suits your needs.

In addition to offering a variety of mattresses, Havertys also sells bedroom furniture. They have more than 120 showrooms in sixteen states and provide customization options. The company is well-known for its traditional and classic designs. They are slightly more expensive than other retailers, but customers appreciate the high-quality of their products and the ease of ordering. You can even alter the color of your new bed.

Macy's: Whether you require a bed for your house or an apartment, the chain has a wide selection of mattresses for any budget. Mattress stores carry a variety of brands such as Serta and Sealy. They also provide free delivery and pickup. If you decide that you don't like the mattress, just call them and request a refund. If the mattress is in good condition, you will receive a full refund within 72-hours.


When it comes time to purchase a mattress, there are many options in Chicago. You can visit an actual brick and mortar store or buy online. Even though online sales may soon overtake in-store sales, many people still prefer to shop in a physical store when buying mattresses. They typically have the largest selectionof mattresses, and the prices are often more affordable than chain stores.

Sears has a wide selection of mattresses and brands to pick from. They include Simmons mattresses, Sealy mattresses, Stearns mattresses, and Foster mattresses. Many stores provide free delivery within the local area and also pick-up service for customers. If you can't decide on one particular brand, you can try Big Lots. They sell hybrid innerspring mattresses, foam mattresses and even Tempur-Pedic models. You can return the mattresses for a refund or exchange. Big Lots offers a 30-day return policy. However, you may be required to pay a handling charge.

If you want to purchase mattresses online, you can get a discount with coupons. Another alternative is to make use of the Sears Card. You can enjoy special discounts and offers with the card. This card is a great method to save money on mattress purchases. You can find amazing deals both online and in-store at Sears. You can also subscribe to Sears' email newsletter to keep updated on new products. You can also receive updates and corrections to stores.

Sears offers special delivery options. Local Delivery will pick up your purchases from multiple merchants and deliver them to you. This service isn't available in all cities, such as Boston, Chicago, New York City and Washington D.C. If you live in a location that offers Sears Local Delivery, you can sign up for this service. It's a great option for most customers.