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John Deere Construction Equipment - Quality Tools Are Just One Click Away!

por Leora Given (2022-07-14)

John Deere is primarily an agricultural-focused company with over 100 years of experience. From their humble beginnings as a family business in Normal, Iowa, they quickly became one of the biggest names in construction. They then started producing heavy construction equipment in the early 1950s and especially launched the first commercial truck in 1957. Let's take a brief look at the manufacturing background of John Deere construction vehicles. This should give you an idea about how superior their equipment really is.

The company got its start in the early 1800s as John Deere (of course), a contractor and farmer in Iowa. It specialized in making and selling quality farm equipment. In the late part of the nineteenth century, they began to make what are now known as tractors. They were very successful at this, becoming one of the largest manufacturers of farming and ranching equipment in the entire country. Today, their sales total reaches well over $60 billion per year. In recent years, they've expanded into a number of different areas, including, but not limited to, the manufacture of lawn care products, as well as, construction materials, automotive parts, as well as, nursery supplies.

A great example of John Deere lawn tractors in action can be seen at the Iowa State Fair. These fairs typically last about seven days, and are held annually. For decades, these fairs have showcased hundreds of different types of livestock and other exhibits. One of the most popular attractions there is the "Horse Center", which includes, among many other animals, the world's largest operating race horse, the bronzed "Buckland". As you might guess from the name, the bronzed horse is very hot property, and it sells for about two or three times what it costs to lease a similar sized horse.

If you have any doubt as to how large a piece of equipment like the John Deere agriculture implements actually is, just picture a gigantic piece of housing, with numerous rooms inside. When you combine that with a small electric fireplace and an actual kitchen on the premises, you begin to see exactly how massive a business this actually is. Now imagine that this housing complex is made up of a variety of different and powerful tools, each of which is responsible for supplying a single room or a section of the housing with the power and precision required to construct, manufacture, and maintain a house.

In addition to supplying housing, the John Deere agricultural implements are responsible for harvesting fields and working the soil. From picking alfalfa to harvesting soybeans, the workers make sure that the fields remain thick with wheat, barley, oats, or whatever is needed to feed the local people. In the town of East Moline, Illinois, the largest wheat production facility in all of Illinois is located in a region known as East Moline. To this day, farmers travel to the town of East Moline to harvest all of the grain they need.

The John Deere agricultural machinery is not only used on large harvests. The company manufactures tractors, hay balers, and many other types of equipment. All of the products that are manufactured by the company are designed to withstand the worst weather conditions. When it comes to the harvesters that the company makes, the designs are specifically designed to withstand extreme temperatures and rugged use. The company's extensive catalog includes models ranging from the small single stage hand operated harvester to the double stage, four wheel drive hay balers.

Of course, the John Deere heavy equipment and products don't stop there. As a matter of fact, the entire business of agriculture, log milling, and forestry equipment is the brainchild of this manufacturer. There are numerous farm needs for tractors, ploughs, seeders, fertilizers, harvesters, and more. For this reason, John Deere is able to manufacture virtually any type of farmer needs that are related to the agricultural industry. For example, if a farmer needs to plow a field, there are specific models of John Deere plows that can handle the job. If a farmer needs to clear a field of snow, John Deere's Snowmobile plows are made to make the task as easy and efficient as possible.

The John Deere website features some incredible specials that include Ford tractors for sale, Ford Farm Products, and more. In addition to featuring quality equipment, the site provides users with important information. Users can learn about the history of the company, the people who work for the company, and valuable information regarding the tools, fuels, and products that are offered. If you are looking for the best selection of quality tools and heavy equipment, and if you are looking for peace of mind knowing that you can trust this brand, the John Deere website is the perfect place to start your search. With hundreds of heavy plows, lawnmowers, tractors, water pumps, and more available to consumers in Illinois, John Deere is the only name that you can trust.