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Concrete drilling Hung Vy - Cleaning demolition of warehouses

por Hung Hung Vy (2020-05-03)

Drilling with hard diamond wire:

Specially used for large objects, irregular shape of the object, or for sudden working in confined space or special working environment (underwater).

This is more efficient, more accurate, and makes less noise than other know-how.

Ensure no impact on the surrounding environment.

What is cutting concrete beam?

As a construction method using supportive machines to cut concrete beams.

With modern machines and the introduction of a variety of blades, we can cut reinforced concrete easily, beautifully and safely.

Depending on the large and small constructions and different difficulty levels. We will advise and give appropriate measures to cut concrete beams, in order to easily execute construction to minimize costs for you.

Hung Vy concrete drilling and drilling company with modern supportive machines, bringing the accuracy of the project to make the construction progress more convenient.

Learn about the service: khoan cắt bê tông tây ninh

When you need to cut concrete beams

Please contact us at phone number: 0961 946 987 - 0931 341 567

The materials that we can cut concrete beams.

Brick wall, plastic foundation and all kinds of reinforced concrete.

Depending on the requirements, it is possible to cut concrete with different maximum depths up to 25cm.

Process of cutting concrete beams

If you want to destroy a concrete box on the floor or similar surfaces. We have to use measures that are opaque. But now for construction. Customers often use cutting to avoid moaning. Avoid unrelated moaning or cracking.

Please refer to the service: khoan cắt bê tông tây ninhkhoan cắt bê tông bình dương

Locate the size to cut

Locate the cutting circuit by drawing or flipping ink depending on the project.

Choose the right machine and cutting blade for easy construction.

Advantages of Hung Vy concrete beam cutting service

- With our choice of services, you will be satisfied.

- Form can be cut on many surfaces and different materials such as bricks, plastic, reinforced concrete.

- Construction without vibration, floor and affect the structure of the building as when chiseled.

- Cutting off iron is an advantage.

- About the beauty of concrete cutting, it brings a beautiful cutting surface.

- Previously machines were not as popular as they were today.

Above is some information about cutting concrete beams. Thank you for taking the time to read this news!