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Amusement Park PA - Painters Crossing the Delaware River

por Clifford Huntley (2022-06-12)

The martinarium in Reading, PA is the perfect spot for anyone wanting to bring their favorite movies and shows to life right in their own home. In this two-story, contemporary building, enjoy fine dining food and beverage service, live entertainment and even shopping. AMC Dining and Films offer many fine dinning options as well as many of the popular movie showtimes. With special events like the Purple Haze Movie Showcase every Friday, viewers can go from one movie to the next in the comfort of their very own movie theater!

" AMC Dining and Films are a true treasure in my area. They serve some great food, some of the best movies around, and extremely friendly staff. You will truly be like a kid in a candy store when you visit this place on your way to the future of American cinema." Bill Shapler, owner/operator of the Purple Haze Movie House

Known by many names throughout Pennsylvania including the Amoco Theatre on Court Street, Theaters on Market Street, the Theatre on Pennsport Avenue and the Reading carriage crossing AMC Dining and Films on the Alley. It all started in the late 1800's when an Italian immigrant came to America and opened the first Amoco Theatre. This first venue, which is still owned by the family today, hosted many events and was a favorite among locals as well as tourists. When the owner decided to expand the Amoco into a bigger venue, they chose the present location of the Theatre on the Alley.

In the early part of the 20th century a group of young men from the Netherlands arrived in the city, seeking a better life. Two of these men became the founders of one of the biggest successful businesses in America - Amusement Park. They named their business Amusement Park after their old abode. So while Amusement Park, which is located on the border of Huntingdon and Centre County, PA, and is now known simply as Amusement Park, got its start on a dirt farm and later evolved into an entertainment complex including a movie house, multiple restaurants, bars and a bowling alley. The names of the businesses involved in transforming the former farmhouse into an iconic landmark of Centre County are: The Dutchman's Club, Inc., The Picnic Basket Company, The Lanes and The Dutchman's Club.

Painting houses for Amusement Park began in earnest in the mid-19th century. These artists included young men from the Netherlands who practiced their skills on the painted grandstands that were constructed along the Delaware River. Later this developed into the car painters crossing Amc's landscape in a large variety of styles and sizes. This style included; Dutch barge-poles, house painters, covered wagons, hitching-lines, wavy plank houses and barns and river-poles. By the end of WW II many of these Amusement Park painters had moved to bigger more prestigious jobs in the city of Philadelphia.

Now it's a mix of car painters crossing the landscape to create the masterpieces they've been dreaming about. Artists include; Jeanette Versailles, Frank Lowe, Mike Johnson, Don Ed Hardy, Frank Kern, Dennis van de Rooy, Norm Abram, Frank Kern, Ruben Studer, Dennis van de Rooy and Don Ed Hardy. The list of artists doesn't stop there, and continues to grow each year. When you loved this post and you wish to receive details relating to Casting Products Manufacturers kindly visit our own web site. People who love Amusement Park and the area around Centre County PA are urged to attend a Painting House Party at Amusement Park to witness the amazing talent the area has to offer.