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Bp Optimizer

por Jerome Princy (2019-11-12)

Since flavanols are Bp Optimizer Review only available in pure cocoa, the darker and more dense the chocolate, the more effective it is. In fact, only dark chocolate with cocoa content of at least 70% should be considered practical for reducing blood pressure. Other types such as white chocolate and milk chocolate have been tested and found to offer negligible benefits. Not only does high-density, dark chocolate increase cocoa and therefore flavanol content, it also minimizes the amount of fat, sugar and calories consumed. Six grams of high-quality chocolate contain only about 30 calories, an amount that most people can easily fit into a healthy diet. Eating chocolate, sadly enough, cannot by itself be considered an effective remedy for lower blood pressure. But the secrets it may hold have exciting potential for much greater benefits. The Kuna Indians of Panama, for example, make a fascinating case study. Is the large amount of cocoa in their diet the reason for their extremely low rates of heart disease and diabetes? Scientists hope to find out. For the time being, chocolate can surely be part of a healthy diet that, along with other measures, helps to reduce blood pressure and protect us from heart disease. Of course doctors warn that you must use restraint and compensate for the sugar and extra calories elsewhere in your diet. But they would now, wouldn't they? Is there no longer any unadulterated pleasure to be had without a health warning? After all, an effective dose is only 30 calories! And if you enjoy a spot of wine with your chocolate (or any other time you wish) you can now do that guilt-free as well. A recent study from Spain reveals that eating chocolate is also good for the liver, even helping to prevent damage from cirrhosis and other diseases of the liver. To aid digestion abdominal blood pressure increases after eating. Unfortunately, this rise also increases the damage done by liver disease. A post-prandial chocolate, however, helps to relieve this high abdominal blood pressure and thus limits the ravages of disease. It's reassuring to know that in these days of food fears, health warnings and nutritional nightmares, one of our oldest and most natural indulgences - chocolate - is actually good for you! Let's have more of that!