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por Alisa Princy (2019-11-11)

Any lenses you wear for 30 days non-stop Igenics Review are going to have deal with the issue of dirt and debris accumulation. The magic of AerGel is enhanced by a process Bausch and Lomb calls Performa, which injects ionized gas into each lens and greatly increases its moisture retention powers. Since the lens has so much more moisture, it is easily able to repel and wash away debris before it can cause trouble. Additionally, it prevents the build up of lipids and proteins carried by your tears that would otherwise cause irritation and scratchiness. The net result is a silky smooth feeling for as long as you wear the lenses. OK, so you can wear these lenses a very long time, but what about curing your blurry vision? Astigmatism is a condition where the eye is shaped more like an oval or egg rather than a perfect sphere. This distorts the passage of light rays into the retina, causing them instead to scatter around. When you wear lenses like Purevision Toric, they behave as a prism that sits atop the cornea and compensates for its odd shape, which restores perfect vision by re-focusing light rays on the retina where they belong. In order for the lenses to serve as a good refracting medium, they must maintain their position on the cornea at all times. Purevision Toric lenses feature specially crafted rounded edges that force the lenses to stay still instead of rotating around. In addition, these unusual edges permit your eye's natural tears to get behind the lenses, keeping everything wet and clean. While this all sounds wonderful, it can't happen without your eye doctor weighing in first. While many people can tolerate extended wear, others cannot because of their unique medical needs. Don't take a chance on your vision health. Only your vision care provider can tell you for sure whether you can or should wear these lenses for extended periods of time. While most people will want these lenses for their extended wear properties, many people also choose to wear and remove them on a daily basis with their doctor's consent.