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Memory Hack

por Alisa Princy (2019-11-08)

All that exists for a few Memory Hack Review minutes or more is the focus on your body, breathing and becoming stronger in body and mind. So, challenging times can become a great motivation. Fear and doubt can become fuel for our engine-the body. Getting up in the morning and taking care of the body for a few minutes without thinking of what lies ahead....clears the mind. Let's make the best out of it and become the best we can be. No one will take care of us so we have to take in into our own hands. Stay healthy and fit. Mentally and physically. A strong body can house a strong mind. A strong mind is prepared for what lies ahead of us. Did you know that if you don't have goals you are in the constant state of going nowhere? Do you get up everyday, get ready for work or school, get home, watch TV, eat dinner, watch more TV, go to bed, and do it all over again? Life is a learning experience and one of the things we can learn is never ending goal setting. Whether we have small or large goals we will move forward in life. When we move forward in life we feel good about ourselves. When we don't have any goals we stay in the constant state of going nowhere and we feel displeased with ourselves. When we feel unfulfilled we feel unhappy. Unhappiness can stress us out. We have a choice, we can stay in the constant state of going nowhere or we can choose never ending goal setting. Some goals that we may consider are financial, relationship, health, or career. They can be big or small. If we would like to make more money we can make that a goal. If we would like to get along better with our spouse or family members we could make that a goal. If we would like to feel better physically we could make that a goal. Finally, if we are unhappy in our career we could make a goal out of looking for another job. The best way to set a goal is to think about what we want. Ask yourself, "What do I really want?" The answer may be to weight less or to be happier. These are simple wants and yet still goals. Once we have an idea of what we want we can take steps of obtaining our goal. First we can write down all the things we can do to obtain the goal. This may be effortless or we may not know what to write. If we do not know what to write we can access the greatest information database in the world, the World Wide Web. In other words, if we don't know what to do or how to do it we can Google it!