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Vision RX 20

por Alisa Princy (2019-11-05)

Sunglasses have become popular for Vision RX 20 Review many other reasons. They protect eyes against excessive exposure to the light such as visible and invisible components. It is very important to protect the eyes from ultra violet rays which can affect the eyes very seriously and can cause severe problems such as cataracts, eye cancer, snow blindness etc. We can make use of sunglasses by using the correct lenses or to check with the optician. The most visible way for the sunglasses is their fit. The lenses should fit to the face correctly so that only little stray light can reach the eyes from the sides, but not very close to the eyelashes so as to smear the lenses. People wear sunglasses to avoid eye contact. Frames hold the lenses. Sunglasses frames are generally made of plastic, metallic and Non-metallic materials. Nylon frames are easily bendable and light weight. They bend easily and come to their original shape instead of breaking. Metal frames are rigid than Nylon and they get damaged easily. The resting hook and the bridge over the nose should have rubber or plastic material which helps the glass to hold. The resting hooks are curved and they are used to wrap around the ear but some resting hooks are straight. Frames are used to hold the glass in many ways. There are different kinds of frames such as half frame, full frame, and frameless. Full frames are those which cover the lenses all around. Half frame covers only half of the lenses such as frames on the top of the lenses and on the sides. Frameless lenses are those which do not have frames for the lenses. In these frames, the ear stems are attached directly to the lenses. There are sunglasses with interchangeable lenses which protect the eyes during low light. Sunglasses lenses are either made of plastic or glass. Glass lenses are heavier than plastic but they have the best optic clarity and they are scratch resistant, whereas plastic lenses get scratched easily and are lighter than glass lenses. Plastic lenses have low transparency for ultra violet and infra-red radiation. There are polarized lenses which are made of plastic sheeting and they help to reduce the glare caused by the light.