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Ring Ease

por Alisa Princy (2019-11-04)

Designating and diagnosing what Ring Ease Review qualifies as "severe" hearing loss vs. "moderate" or "profound" hearing loss is less than straightforward. For one, the range of normal human hearing is so wide that it must be graphed on a logarithmic scale and is still slightly challenging to diagnose because everyone hears differently. It is best to imagine degrees of hearing loss less as strict prescriptions and more as potentially helpful guidelines for treatment (do not make them absolute because this will cause problems). If taken as too strict, then it may cause problems: just as every human body varies differs, so does hearing abilities. This is for the same reason in which we are all somewhat different: genetics, our daily interactions and our surrounding environments. Many people who have problems with their ears do not realize it until they are in bed attempting to go to sleep. That is when the constant sound of ringing, swishing, buzzing or some other weird noise begins to plague them. This very common condition, known as Tinnitus, can be explained and if treated correctly the noise can be stopped. The reasons for ringing ears or other noises differ for each individual; however there are several common factors that those suffering from this malady should be aware of. One of the most prevalent reasons for tinnitus is loss of hearing. As a person gets older or suffers some type of traumatic event to the ear the cochlea, which is the part of the ear that allows us to hear, deteriorates or becomes damaged. Theories have been advanced suggesting that with the cochlea no longer functional the brain is confused since it is no longer receiving input from the cochlea. The brain then generates its own noise due to the lack of signal from the cochlea. This then is the source of the ringing, swishing, clicking and other noises that drives one to distraction or beyond. Because of this it can be readily understood that anything that makes one's hearing worse such as an ear infection or wax buildup will make the ringing and other noises worse. Other significant causes for ringing ears or other unwanted noises are: Loud Noises: Listening to music at high volumes, or being exposed to loud noises in the environment or your place of employment can cause lasting trauma to the hearing. This type of damage can be responsible for those unwanted sounds particularly when the environment quiets down.