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por Alisa Princy (2019-10-29)

The story of Hezekiah reveals Individualogist Review the unseen spiritual world where war is waged as a result of God's will. It helps us to understand the sheer terror of the game of life and the full cost of obtaining the knowledge that teaches each human being the difference between right and wrong. It also shows us the battle ground waged between the forces of good and evil that are meant to teach humans through the challenges they face in life. King Hezekiah was being besieged by the King of Assyrian. The emperor boasted that he defeated many countries and that Jerusalem would be defeated next. This is God's reply to the pride of the Assyrian emperor. 2 Kings 19: 25-28, "Have you never heard that I planned all this long ago? And now I have carried it out. I gave you the power to turn fortified cities into piles of rubble. The people who lived there were powerless; they were frightened and stunned. They were like grass in a field or weeds growing on a roof when the hot east wind blasts them. But I know everything about you, what you do and where you go. I know how you rage against me. I have received the report of that rage and that pride of yours, and now I will put a hook through your nose and a bit in your mouth, and take you back by the same road you came." The pride of the emperor of Assyrian was defeat when his army died suddenly outside of Jerusalem. He fled back to his country only to have two of his sons kill him when he was worshiping a pagan god. God had a plan for his life and when it was over his life was over too. Isaiah 37: 36, "An angel of the Lord went to the Assyrian camp and killed 185,000 soldiers. At dawn the next day there they lay, all dead!" If you take the time to comprehend what this story illustrates then you will realize the complexity of the game of life. How every person plays a role in life. We have a chosen destiny and whether we know we are playing or not, we will take part in the game. We have been given freewill in the game of life, but we are not in control of our destiny. God is always in control and He uses the Spirit world to put us in the paths that He wants us to travel. He has lessons for us to learn and we will learn it even if he has to take us through an illness in order for us to learn a valuable lesson in life.