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Flow State Training Program

por Alisa Princy (2019-10-29)

When you are eating, if you see Flow State Training Program Review something, say, 'seeing, seeing, seeing'. When you smash or cut or roll your food, say, 'smashing' or 'cutting' or 'rolling'. When you bring food to your mouth say, 'bringing, bringing, bringing'. If you bend your head say, 'bending'. If the food touches the mouth, say, 'touching'. If you open the mouth, say, 'opening, opening'. When the food is put into the mouth, say, 'putting'. When you close your mouth, say, 'closing'. When you drop your hands, say, 'dropping, dropping'. If it touches the plate, say, 'touching'. When you raise your head, say, 'raising'. While chewing your food, say, 'chewing. chewing'. If you get the taste of food, say, 'tasting, tasting'. When you swallow, say, 'swallowing, swallowing'. If the food touches the throat, say, 'touching, touching'. In this manner, try your best to be aware of everything while you are taking food. In the beginning, your mind may not find it possible to be aware of everything. Do not be disappointed if you cannot concentrate properly. After you have built up deep concentration, it will be easy to concentrate on many more things than those that have been mentioned here. Higher Form of Concentration After a few days, you will think that concentration on rising and falling has become very easy. You may feel that in addition to these two, you can put in one more object to concentrate on. At that stage, you have built up a deep meditation to a certain extent. You may concentrate on your sitting posture besides rising and falling. Then concentrate on rising, falling and sitting. You must say, 'rising, falling, sitting'. Just as you are fully aware of rising and falling, while you are saying, 'rising, falling', you must be fully aware of sitting, while you are saying, 'sitting'. While you are lying on your bed, concentration should be transferred from sitting to lying. In this posture, you must say, 'rising, falling, lying'. You must be fully aware of lying just as you are full aware of rising and falling.