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por Alisa Princy (2019-10-24)

Like history, philosophy, and Individualogist Review literature, science has only succeeded in implementing man with encumbrances that mainly serve to divert his energy. For example, because there are so many automobiles, man feels the need to travel more and more. Now man is spending so much energy and scarce resources to reach the moon-for what specific reason, no one can really say, save for the psychological need he must feel to feel superior and may be the possibility of escaping from the earth to the moon, in times nuclear catastrophe. However, advanced yogis and those advanced in Krishna-consciousness know that such vehicular interplanetary travel is most difficult, if not impossible. Space travel is not difficult-the gross materialists are simply going about it the wrong way. Furthermore, science has principally helped man to destroy himself most effectively. In the realm, science has proved itself most helpful and progressive. Extermination. When God gave man gunpowder He knew the little bangs would grow into bigger and bigger ones. In this field, science is most adept. "They murder to dissect" is now a bland statement. It is a familiar story. Yet these madmen, masters of extermination, receive large financial grants from universities and foundations to further pursue the annihilation of the race. They have produced dangerous viruses such as HIV, to eliminate their fellow men. The millions of children, who are the hope for the future, are with a scientific arrogance aborted as lifeless tissues. Yet science, the pursuit of the firecracker, is considered knowledge. At its best when it attempts to satisfy the material desires of man by helping him attain adequate food and shelter or curing his physical diseases for a short duration, it is knowledge in the mode of passion. And when science shackles man with modern "conveniences" or frivolous gimmicks or when it exterminates man by monstrous bombs and military devices, then it is knowledge in the mode of ignorance and darkness. Although modern man places all his hopes in science, the wise know this to be the knowledge of the madhouse.