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7 Day Prayer Miracle

por Cynthia Richards (2019-10-23)

So, instead of movie heroics, I opted 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review for the path of least resistance. Being a big Law & Order fan, I took note of the man's features and what he was wearing right down to the dirty Nike sneakers with the 2 scuff marks on the back of the right heel and the gray jacket with the tear at the rotator cuff. I then got off the train at the next stop and quickly ran to the station clerk at the booth and got her attention. I explained the situation to her with a thorough description of the man and she relayed to police officers at the next 2 station stops. Now while there were no movie heroics, the man was pulled off the train by the police 2 stops from where I got off and the threat was no more. Can you imagine the relief of those passengers? I know I would be relieved if I were on that train.