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por Jerome Princy (2019-09-30)

The most common instance in our Ring Ease Review everyday life that can also be the cause of tinnitus is our exposure to loud noises as we are using our earphones. Most people do not consider that sometimes, or most of the time, the noises that are coming from our earphones are much more devastating from external sound since it is very near and enclosing the sound in our ear. With such instance, it might be very simple for us to say to use the earphone moderately, but actually it is very much recommended. By doing such, you are actually lessening the possibility of having tinnitus and more especially the risk of having medical attention that are very expensive nowadays. By looking at the very basic, yet devastating side of the things that cause tinnitus, we are engaging in the best cure available without so much efforts and cost. Bear in mind that prevention is better than cure and the fact that you are preventing would also be synonymous to curing ourselves. Tinnitus is a certain condition where a person hears buzzing, ringing, or other sounds without any external or internal acoustical stimulation. A person may experience this kind of condition in one or both of his ears. Tinnitus is caused by conditions such as ear infection, blockage of the auditory tube, use of some certain drugs, or head injury. In the United States today, about 40 million adults are said to be affected by tinnitus. When a person experiences this kind of condition, there are a few options that he or she may choose in order to help him reduce or totally eliminate the symptoms. The thing they could choose from one of these options is the use of drugs that help tinnitus to be reduced to some extent or even totally eliminate the said symptoms. The anti-depressant drug mainly the Xanax is used for the treatment of tinnitus. According to research, about 70% of people who have tinnitus and have used this drug have really benefited and reduced their tinnitus symptoms dramatically. Another of the drugs that help tinnitus is the intravenous Lidocaine. This is a very common local anti-arrhythmic and anesthetic drug. A Lidocaine injection is found to suppress tinnitus for about 20 minutes, according to the study made by Swedish people. Next are the antihistamine drugs. Antihistamines are used in treating allergies. They may also help many people to reduce those sounds caused by tinnitus. Aside from the above mentioned, there are also some cardiovascular medications. They help in increasing your body's heart flow, thus, alleviate also the symptoms of the tinnitus. Last but not the least is the anticonvulsant medications. These medications are generally used to prevent seizures, however, for some people; these medications can also help in preventing the tinnitus symptoms.