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Sniper Vision System

por Regina Fancy (2019-09-27)

Those who have constant migraines, are suffering from Sniper Vision System Review eye infection or eye inflammation, have undergone a cataract surgery or suffered a blow to the head, can experience eye floaters. Normally, a person can experience this only when he looks into a light background. However, if eye floaters increase in number and are visible in every background, it is vital to consult a doctor. Eye floaters are small specks that you can see at the back of your eye, usually when you stare into a lighted background. It occurs when vitreous liquid in the eye changes as a result of which small strands or small deposits, which cast a shadow on the eye's retina. They occur in varying patterns such as O' or 'C' shaped forms or small blobs. You can see them moving as the eye ball moves and they lag behind just as the eyeball halts.According to research, those who are above 65 years of age develop this problem in one or both eye. However, in today's scenario, age is not the only criterion as it can be noticed even in young people. Though, there is no permanent cure, but there are a variety of treatment options such as medication and surgery. Hence, it is better to take steps to prevent the problem from occurring. Here is a look what you can do to prevent eye floaters:Cut Down on Sport Activities - Risky sports such as boxing, wrestling or karate makes you prone to injuries that can cause a blow to your head or eye, which can in turn result in eye floaters.Avoid Certain Types of Drugs - Certain types of drugs such as those that remove acne reduce body fat, or which are prescribed for mental health problems can cause eye floaters as a side effect.