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Raikov Effect

por Alisa Princy (2019-09-27)

Watch others and learn. Raikov Effect Review I think all of our athletes understand that they're not the first folks to play their sport...and that maybe someone else knows how to do something better than they do. And if they don't know, you should tell them! Show them video of folks doing what they're struggling with so that they can internalize the technique. Have position practices where only your setters (or whatever position) attend and then just drill, drill, drill. It will allow your younger players to watch the veterans and allow your older players to develop their leadership skills. As Picasso said, "Good artists copy. Great artists steal." Copying (stealing) technique is a great way for your athletes to develop their skills. Do you want to be a success in everything you do? Do you believe you are already successful but want to attain more? Or do you yearn for the easy success of your youth and wonder where your unquenchable motivation has gone? Do you believe you can enjoy unlimited success? Do you feel you deserve this? The human mind can eventually attain any one thing it is set to focus upon. Having attained that, the human mind can be set to attain a new goal. Incredible The reason why we don't enjoy the kind of attainment we really want is because we block our own efforts through disbelief. When you were younger, you held less limiting beliefs so attaining your goals was so much easier: you just decided to go for something and you kept on until you got it because it didn't occur to you that you might not be able to. As you go on in life, you get tired. The tiredness and fatigue from one day can lapse into the next, and after five such days, a two day weekend is actually not enough to replenish your energy levels. So over the years your entire system becomes incredibly fatigued. That seriously limits your beliefs. How can you go get something you have not the energy for? Your weekly routine brings its own limitations too, since you cannot do a great deal outside of your 40-60 hour work week, and if you have a family, well, it's a wonder you even have the energy to read this! Over time, the limited beliefs of the people around naturally takes root inside you. If the people you mix with every day cannot do anything, then what makes you suppose you are any different? Of course, in reality, you are different, and you can attain unlimited success! But it is easy to get into a thought rut. Ideally you need as much time to refresh your energy levels as the time you spent wearing yourself down. So if you work 8 hours then rest for 8 hours: that's how much you need to sleep.