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Easy Cellar

por Cynthia Richards (2019-09-27)

One of the easiest shelters to build is Easy Cellar Review one made out of heavy duty sheets of plastic and a sturdy rope. You just need to tie the ropes around one object and then another and put the sheets of plastic over the rope. Huddle the ends of the plastic together and tie them as nearest to the ground as possible. Weigh hem down with big stones or rocks so that they will not be blown away by the wind. Make sure that the shelter you build is sturdy enough to protect you from the elements and reduce your chances of succumbing to hypothermia.There is an abundant supply of water in each city but whether this supply of water is safe to drink becomes the issue. Chances are, as soon as the cities electricity goes down, water supply is soon to follow. Unless you stocked up on a rich supply of water (preferably bottled or at the very least kept in heavy duty durable containers) you'll have to settle with using water found in toilet tanks, rivers or any other source. This may seem rather unpleasant but that's where purification comes into play.