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Raikov Effect

por Jerome Princy (2019-09-26)

The first person of the two is Raikov Effect Review John Doerr- a world renowned venture capitalist who is known for his amazing ability to invest in future big winners; some of his successes include Google and Amazon. Since my days in business school in Australia I have known John Doerr, I even quoted his Start-Up Manual in one of my articles, read all his presentations and the do's and don't of creating a successful company, unbeknownst to me during the tens years I had known of John Doerr would I ever had thought I would one day meet him. It was through a dear friend of mine who is a recipient of the Argus II device, a device intended to restore sight to the blind, mentioned he was attending the Foundation for Fighting Blindness fundraising event and would appreciate my support. I attended the event, and guess what? John Doerr was there. I was not prepared for such an introduction, but it's amazing what a couple of glasses of wine can do for the nerves, after my nerves had settled I gained the courage to introduce myself to John Doerr, and I am glad I did as I not only met a person I had come to admire for his business sense, but we had a somewhat descent conversation from what I can remember. The second person is Oprah Winfrey; I have known Oprah since I was 12 years old and she has been one of my greatest life inspirations, as I always believed if Oprah can do it, I can do it too. The link to Oprah occurred when I was interviewed by a well known literary agent who lives in one of the finest homes I have ever seen. As we sat in her library I noticed a framed picture of her centered between Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger, it was here I knew this woman I was sitting down with was well connected. It was towards the end of our meeting she walked towards one of the many surrounding bookshelves, she grabbed one of the books she was the agent for and said to me, "I think you will enjoy this." It was "Cane River" I noticed right away the book had Oprah's Book Club logo on it. I asked her," Do you know Oprah?" She replied, "Yes." She seemed to become a little irritated and I didn't want to seem overbearing but could not help myself, as a result I asked her another question, "Have you met Oprah?" She replied, "Yes." I enthusiastically said, "She must be an amazing person!" She just nodded her head and proceeded to direct me out of her mansion of a house. All I remember, after that meeting is how I just met someone who actually knew Oprah. It is from these reflections of my own experiences I am a firm believer now of the six degrees of separation theory. However, what I am still trying to figure out is when we do come into contact with someone who knows someone we want to meet or talk too, how do we get them to give us an introduction?